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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photography Worksheet

Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners: Photography Worksheet

Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners: Photography Worksheet

This photography worksheet will assist the photographer on your wedding day. Most professional wedding photographers know the basics. What they DON’T know are the special shots and with whom you want them. If you want detail shots (photos of the framed signs, d├ęcor, wedding programs and menus, wedding favors, and other little touches you have added, then you need to communicate that to them. If there are things at the venue (surfboards, statues, benches, etc.) that you would like to include in your photos, then communicate that to your photographer.

It is important to prioritize the shots if you have purchased a small photo package or minimal photo coverage. If you only have the photographer for a short time, and you want EVERYTHING important photographed (ie. Couple’s entrance, first dance, cake cutting), then you need to schedule those appropriately into the timeline during the time that your photographer is present.

It is extremely helpful if you provide names of the people participating in the shots you have requested. You will only have to list each name once if that person is in multiple shots. It is also helpful to assign a special guest who is not in a lot of photos, and who knows the people who are in the photos, to assist the photographer in getting these people ready for their photo shot. All of these suggestions will help the photography portion of your wedding run smoothly and in a timely manner. This will make the process a lot less stressful for everyone involved.

Tip : Photograph young children as early in the proceedings as possible (before tears, boredom, or naps).

Here are some tips from us regarding your wedding day photography:
1) Have fun with it!
2) Feel free to bring some fun props, like a parasol, a “just married” sign, your favorite book, etc.
3) It is best to have the mess of getting ready in one room, and the getting ready photos in a cleaner, less messy room.
4) Assign a primary contact person to gather the people you need for photos. Remember that your photographer has never met your family and friends, and if they are on your photo shot list, your photographer will need help finding them. Assign a good friend to this task and introduce him/her to the photographer beforehand, so that s/he knows he can ask this friend for help if s/he needs it.
5) Make sure all of your items for your “getting ready” photos are in an area easily accessible for your photographer, including your bouquet (if you arrange for early delivery), your rings, your shoes and dress, etc.

Getting Ready Shots:
•Getting Hair and Makeup Done
• Hanging dresses, accessories, etc.
• Bride with compact, lipstick, applying makeup
• Bride using Comb or Brush
• Mother Adjusting Veil
• Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Dressed
• Bride Putting on Garter
• Bride in Dressing Room with Mirror
• Bride / Maid of Honor in mirror
• Bride / Mother in mirror
• Bride Leaving House
• Father Helping Bride into Car
• The Groom and Best Man Candid Gag Shot
• Groom alone Full Length, Half Length, Close Up
• Groom putting on bow tie
• Adjusting and/or Fumbling with Bow Ties

Pre-Ceremony Shots: (You may need two photographers to get all of these)
These may take place in one or two locations

• Bride Pinning Corsage on Father
• Flower Girl Handing Bouquet to Bride
• Bride alone Full Length, Half Length, Close Up
• Bride pinning on father's boutonniere
• Bride with mother
• Bride with father
• Bride with Both Parents
• Bride with Grandparents
• Bride with sisters together and individually
• Bride with Brothers together and individually
• Bride with brothers and sisters
• Bride with Maid of Honor
• Bride and Bridesmaids together and individually
• Bride and Ring Bearer
• Bride and Flower Girl
• Bride with immediate family
• Bridesmaids with Brides mother
• Bride with sponsors
• Bride with Stepparents
• Bride with Godparents
• Groom, best man and ushers/groomsmen
• Groom with mother
• Groom with father
• Groom with both parents
• Groom with Grandparents
• Groom with Godparents
• Groom with Stepparents
• Groom with sisters together and individually
• Groom with brothers together and individually
• Groom with sponsors
• Groom with Immediate Family
• Groom Having a Slash from the Flask

At the Ceremony Location Prior to the Ceremony
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom with Best Man
• Groom and best man shaking hands
• Guests signing guest book
• Groom with Best Man and Minister
• Bride’s car arriving
• Bride with father and car
• Bride with father, car and bridesmaids
• Signing Marriage Certificate
• Bride's parents being seated
• Bride’s Mother on Escort’s Arm
• Groom's parents being seated
• Groom’s Mother on Usher’s Arm
• Grandparents being seated
• Guests Taking their Seats

During the Ceremony
• Circle of Love greeting
• Bride collecting flowers from guests to make bouquet
• Bride/Groom presenting leis to parents
• Bride/Groom presenting leis to guests
• Groom alone
• Groom / Best Man
• Groom and Groomsmen Entering Sanctuary
• The Mothers of Bride and Groom being escorted Down the Aisle
• Bride’s Mother / Escort
• Groom’s Mother / Escort
• Bridesmaids
• Ushers/Groomsmen
• Ring Bearer
• Flower Girl
• Maid of Honor
• Bride and father or escort going down aisle
• Giving away the bride/ Dad's Kiss good-bye
• Bride and Groom coming down aisle
• Flower girl walking down aisle
• Ring Bearer walking down aisle
• Bridesmaids walking down aisle
• Maid of Honor walking down aisle
• Father walking Bride down aisle
• Father giving bride away
• Signing marriage certificate
• Officiant
• Officiant, bestman, bridesmaids
• Bride and Groom exchanging vows
• Bride and Groom exchanging rings
• Bride and Groom exchanging leis
• First Kiss
• Bride and Groom lighting candle
• Minister Presenting Couple to Congregation
• Bride and Groom Coming Down Aisle
• Time Exposure of Area During Ceremony
• Bride and Groom facing each other
• Special Readings
• Special Music
• Religious ceremony
• Breaking of the glass
• Lei Exchange
• Candle Lightings
• Unity Sand Ceremony
• Memorial tribute
• Butterfly Release
• Dove Release
• Recessional/ Confetti/Flower Shower/Bubbles
• Mass
• Communion
• Jumping the Broom

After the Ceremony at the Ceremony Location
• Bride and Groom leaving front of Ceremony
• Bride and Groom kissing at back of Chapel / Location
• Receiving Line
• Interior Shots of Ceremony location and Grounds
• Bride / Groom greeting guests
• Bride and Groom exiting ceremony location
• Bride and Groom Ceremony location steps
• Bride and Groom Silhouette
• Bride and Groom at door - kissing
• Bride and Groom with parents
• Bride and Groom and families
• Take bridal party to gardens/beach/car park
• Mood shots in gardens
• Bride showing ring to bridesmaids
• Brides ring hand on bouquet
• Fun shots
• Individual shots of bridesmaids, best man, etc.
• Each bridesmaid with her escort groomsman
• Groom Kissing Bride at the Altar (set up)
• Groom Putting Ring on Bride’s Finger (set up)
• Receiving Line Right After Ceremony
• Bride and Groom on Steps of Ceremony location
• Bride and Groom on beach/sand
• Bride and Groom barefoot on the beach with heart drawn in sand

Post-Ceremony Limousine/Transportation Photos
• Getting into Car or Limo
• Shot while seated in Limo
• Shots from Front seat into back of Limousine/car
• Bride and Groom toasting in the car/limousine
• Bride and Groom facing front of car/limousine
• Bride and Groom Kissing in Car/Limousine
• Bride and Groom in Limousine sitting in back from outside
• Bride and Groom looking out Limousine Window
• Bridal Party around Limo or Car
• Bride and Groom getting into limo
• Bride and Groom's first toast in limo
• Bride and Groom on horses
• Bride and Groom in carriage
• Bride and Groom at helicopter
• Bride and Groom barefoot in helicopter
Formal/Posed Shots Between the Ceremony and the Reception
• Entire Bridal Party
• Gag shot of the Bridal Party
•Any Bridal Party Couples
• Bride with Maid of Honor
• Bride alone Full length
• Bride alone Close-up
• Bride with Bridesmaids
• Bride with Each Bridesmaid
• Bride with Male attendants

• Bride with Bride’s Family
• Bride Alone Portraits
• Groom with Best Man
• Groom and Ushers/Groomsmen together and separately
• Groom Alone Portraits
• Groom Full length
• Groom Close-up
• Male Attendants
• Female Attendants
• Groom and his Dad
• Groom and his Mom
• Groom with Groom’s entire family
• Groom with his Siblings
• Groom and his Parents
• Groom's Parents Alone
• Three Generations: Groom's Side
• Three Generations: Bride's Side
• Bride's Parents Alone
• Bride and her Dad
• Bride and her Mom
• Bride and her Parents
• Bride with her Siblings
• Bride and Groom
• Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, and Best Man
• Flower Girl with Ring Bearer
• Flower Girl with Bride and Groom
• Ring bearer with Bride and Groom
• Wedding party with Bride and Groom
• Bride and Groom with Groom's Parents
• Bride and Groom with Bride’s Parents
• Bride and Groom with Groom's Siblings
• Bride and Groom with Bride’s Siblings
• Bride and Groom with Groom's Grandparents
• Bride and Groom with Bride's Grandparents
• Bride and Groom w/Bride's extended family
• Bride and Groom w/Groom's extended family
• Bride and Groom Kissing
• Bride and Groom "gazing" at each other
• Bride and Groom holding hands
• Close-up of rings
• Bride and Groom with special friends
• Bride with special friends
• Groom with special friends
• Outdoor Shots of Bride and Groom
• Outdoor Shots of Wedding Party
• Bride and Groom Multiple Poses
• Bride and Groom on beach/sand
• Bride and Groom barefoot on the beach with heart drawn in sand
• Bride and Groom at waterfall
• Bride and Groom at pond

At the Reception
The Entrance:
• Siblings
• Parents of bride and groom
• Best Man and Maid of Honor
• Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
• Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
• Bride and Groom

• Bride and Groom Full length and Close Ups First Dance
• Bride with Bride’s Father
• Groom with Groom’s Mother
• Parents
• Grandparents
• Bridal Party
• Dance candid shots
• Couples Dancing Fast and Slow
• Groups Dancing Fast and Slow
• Close ups of Bride and Groom Dancing
• Bride and Groom lifted in chairs
• Ceremonial dances (horah, etc.)
• Last Dance
• _______________________

The Toast:
• Best Man Toasting
• Maid of Honor Toasting
• Father of the Bride Toasting
• Father of the Groom Toasting
• Bride and Groom with Best Man
• Bride and Groom Toasting Each other
• Bride and Groom with champagne glasses
• Bride and Groom's kiss after the toast

The Cake:
• Bride and Groom Cutting Cake
• Bride feeding Groom
• Groom feeding Bride
• Bride and Groom's hand over cake showing rings
• Record shot of cake before cutting it
• Groom’s Cake
• Little flower girls cutting cake
• Bride and Groom kissing with cake in photo
• Specialty desserts

Bouquet and Garter Toss:
• Bride tossing bouquet
• Groom Removing Garter
• Groom Tossing the Garter
• Putting Garter on Bouquet-Catcher's leg
• Dance of people who received garter and bouquet

Miscellaneous Shots and Details Shots:
• Invitation
• Flowers (centerpieces, bouquets)
• Bride holding parents wedding photo
• Brides hands holding Invitation
• The Ring Bearer's Pillow with the Bridal Bouquet
• Photos of horses
• Photos of carriage
• Photos of limousine
• Rings on the pillow
• View of venue
• Any Shots of Singers or Musicians at Ceremony
• Shots of arch/gazebo with special aisle
• Rolling down the aisle runner
• Any Shots of Singers or Musicians at Ceremony
• Shots of arch/gazebo with special aisle
• Wedding signs
• Center aisle
• Lectors
• Presentation of gifts
• Sign of Peace
• Balcony
• Overall shot of ceremony and reception
• Candlelight Photos
• Good-Bye shots
• Gag Shots
• Blessings
• Guest candids
• Guests at Table
• Leaving reception hall
• Candid shots
• Shots of Band or DJ
• “Getaway” Shots
• Guests Departing
• Sleeping Bride and Groom
• Cigar smoking shot
• Wedding Favors
• Gift Table
• Placecard Table
• Set up of room/reception area before guests arrive
• Gift Book Table


Although many couples discuss these things before the wedding, some avoid these topics assuming they will work them out later. However, it is beneficial to you both to communicate about these things beforehand. It is important to feel secure that you are on the same page before entering into a lifetime commitment. Perhaps you can write each question on a piece of paper and place them all in a basket. Every day you leave time to randomly select a question and discuss it. Hope this helps bring you even closer!

•What are some things from your childhood that you'd like to incorporate into raising our children?
•What are some things from your childhoon that you'd like to AVOID with our children?
• Will we have children?  If so, when?
• How many children do you want to have?
• If we are having a hard time conceiving, will you be opposed to artificial methods of conception?
• Would you be willing to adopt?

• What birth control methods will we use if we decide to wait?
• What religion will we raise our children?
• What last name will we give the children, the father's last name or the mother's and
father's last name hyphenated?
• Who will be the disciplinarian?
• How will we discipline our children?
• Will we send them to private or public school?
• Will one of us stay at home to raise the children?
• What values do we want to instill in our children, and how will we do so?
• What would be the consequences for…?
• How will we reward our children?
• Will we give them allowance?
• Will we set limits on privileges?
• Where do we stand on junk food, video games…?
• How much family time is appropriate?
• What do you consider quality time as a family? With each other?
• What is our long-term daycare plan? What's our back-up? Can we afford it?
• How much time will we spend with the in-laws?
• What will we do for holidays?
• If something happens to the both of us, who will take care of our children?
Who will take care of the children from our previous relationships?

• Who's going to handle the finances?

 • Will we have separate or joint accounts?

 • Will we split the bills or pay them together?

 • Will we have a pre-nuptial agreement?

 • Who will be responsible for the budgeting?

 • What is your spending style? Are you a spender or a saver?

 • How are you financially preparing for retirement?

 • What are your views on debt (credit cards, loans, etc.)?

 • How much can we spend each month?

 • How much do we plan on saving each month?
• What our our long-term goals? Saving for a house? College? Retirement?
• How much do you spend shopping each month?
• Would you be able to curb discretionary spending?
• Do we create a house budget and write down everything we spend?
• Do we have a certain amount of money that's individual or are we pooling everything?

• If one of us lost our job, what would we do?
• Does one of us want a career change in the future? How would we finance that?
• Do you have credit card or student loan debt?
• If it came time to buy a new car, what kind would you get? How much would you spend?
What are your plans now for saving towards that?
• Do we have emergency money? How can we save that? What constitutes an "emergency"?
• Is there a spending limit that we should check with each other before making purchases
over a certain amount?
• What are our priorities? Is college money more important or is a new kitchen, etc.?
• Will each of us draft a will? What should the will say?

• Where will we live after the wedding?
• Will we rent or purchase?
• What chores are expected of each other?
• Where will we live after we retire?
• What will the bride's last name be after the wedding?
• What will we do when both sets of our parents are in their advanced ages?

• Will both of us work?
• If I get a career opportunity in another city or state or even country, would you be willing to move?
• When are we planning on retiring?

• What religion will we practice, if any?
• How observant do you want to be?
• What traditions are important to you that you want to incorporate into our home life?
• Will you be willing to convert to my religion?
• Will it be okay if we each practice our own religion?
• If we practice our own respective religions, will we expect the other to attend services with us?

• Are you willing to talk about issues or do you pout and avoid things?
• How much communication is too much and leads to overload?
• Would you be willing to seek help from a third party (counseling) if we are unable to resolve
our issues on our own?

• How do you handle stress and crises that suddenly occur? Do you explode or do you step back and
approach the issue calmly or somewhere in between?

• Does your family have any history of serious medical problems?
• Do you have a history of serious medical problems?
• What is your view on taking medication?
• What is your view on alternative medicine? 
• Have you ever been, or are now, addicted to: drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling?
• Would you be opposed to the both of us getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases?
• What should we do if the other is on life support? Will we draft a Living Will/Trust?