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Monday, November 16, 2009


Sunflowers signify pure thoughts. They symbolize adoration, dedication, spiritual attainment, flexibility, and opportunity. They are also symbolic of good luck, wealth, happiness, strength, and ambition. Perfect meanings for a wedding flower!

 A sunflower wedding theme can be have many appearances: garden, elegant, autumn, summery, whimsical, elegant, country, rustic, sexy, bold, and more! The theme can be carried from the invitations to the favors, but we suggest keeping the sunflower an understated part of your theme for the wedding.
Your sunflower wedding theme should represent a sophisticated couple and not a youthful girl. Focus on the color theme and keep the sunflowers as the accessories to your decor and theme. Below are some image ideas for your sunflower wedding.

 Florals from the following web sites: