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Monday, November 15, 2010


Vintage, Garden, Spring, Rustic, Whimsical...whatever your theme, birds are a huge wedding decor and theme trend. Perhaps a bird cage to collect your gift cards or house your table arrangements. Your ring bearer can carry the rings (not the real ones!) in a nest, and the flower girl can toss petals from a nest.  Kissing bird cake toppers can adorn your cake.  Below are some images and links for inspiration and ideas. Enjoy!

We love how this bride incorporated "To Kill A Mockingbird" into her wedding. If this is your favorite novel, why not?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2011 Wedding Trends

Something Old and Something New are definitely part of 2011's Wedding Trends.

Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners has been working on its inventory to provide some amazing decor items for our clients. We also have a variety of resources to get our clients everything they want for their weddings.

Going "green" will be even more popular. For some ideas on how to make your wedding ecofriendly, visit our site at "Green" Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas
Wedding Gowns:
Wedding Gowns will be feminine and romantic. Expect to see appliqué, sequins, tulle overlays, and beading on streamlined trumpet and mermaid gowns. Designs from last year that will stay include ruffles and asymmetrical designs. Visit this blog for some info and photos.

Wedding Invitations:
In 2011, expect more contemporary and personalized wedding invitations-Mod, Nature, Vegas!-nothing is off limits. Expect the couple’s personality to really shine through. Damask and paisley will be popular patterns. Going "green" will be even more popular, using "online" or emailed save-the-dates, recycled paper, soy ink, etc.
You may also see a growing number of letterpress wedding invitations and RSVP postcards.
Visit our site for some resources and ideas on invitations.

Wedding Cakes:
Cakes in 2011 will be of brightly colored fondant, creative designs, using lots of flowers. You will also see some very creative wedding cake toppers.
Check out some details about wedding cake trends for 2011 at Colors:
Reds, yellows, and gray will be popular. Brown is on its way out. Black, white, and light green will still be popular. You will continue to see metallics used in a vintage will see "more metallics and metal-inspired finishes — an Old World feel presented with a New World sensibility— gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze and copper combined with an underlying color of unexpected hue: turquoise, magentas, yellow, kelly green."
Visit these link for more info on color trends

Wedding Decor:
According to the, 2011 event decor trends include: New colors, beautiful table top decor, new linen textures, alternative centerpiece and feature table "Wow" factor options. One of the big trends for 2011 is creating effective minimalism using effective & well-placed design elements, effective floral statements, washes & patterns of lighting, & focusing the energy & design into the heart of the party.

Other resources tell us that wedding centerpieces will continue to be more contemporary. Centerpieces of branches, floating flowers, and candles will continue into 2011. Also look for other pops of color in hanging lanterns, table covers, and clothing accents (sashes, flowers pins, shoes, etc.).

New catering trends for 2011 to consider for your wedding: Family Style Dining, Using foods from Local Farms, Tapas for appetizers or a meal, Deconstructed salads,Uncommon ingredients, Pasta, Nostalgic foods (including comfort foods & childhood favorites...hello mac and cheese!), Cupcakes & Candy, Colorful Wedding Cakes, and Architectural food.

Ultimately your 2011 is to be a reflection of you as a couple, your interests, and your personal tastes. It should also reflect your venue selection. So, have fun with it and don't stress too much over the details. Hire a competent wedding planner to help you with that so you can enjoy your event!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


October 19, 2010

Mulligans on the Blue is located at 100 Kaukahi Street, Wailea-Makena, HI 96753
from 6:15pm until 8:15pm
Attire: Aloha or Resort Wear

Wailea Marriott Beach Resort & Spa
3700 Wailea Alanui in Wailea.
Ceremony Time: 5:00pm
Hotel Wailea
555 Kaukahi Street, Wailea, HI   96753.
Reception: 6:00-10:00pm

REHEARSAL:The following people should be at the Wailea Marriott Beach Resort & Spa on October 19th at 4:00pm for rehearsal. Please meet in the lobby.
Jennie Kwak
Troy Thoms
Amy Eyer
James White
Terry Lee Jordan
Joe Schmitz
Linda Mangual
Dan Kwak 
Sun Hee
Sarah Thoms
Ted Thoms

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lanai Wedding Ceremony...Short and Sweet!

Congratulations to Sandra and Bill! Today's beautiful wedding included so many special elements, even though the wedding ceremony itself was short and sweet. A close friend officiated their ceremony, personalizing it in such a way that some even teared up!

Hulopo'e Beach on Lanai proved to be a beautiful and perfect venue for today's wedding. The weather was perfect....warm, slight breeze, a few clouds to make the strong sun less brutal.


As the bride is a cellist and the groom a bass player, Maui Wedding Cakes custom designed and created their wedding cake. The bass clef notes united them in music...
Sandr, Bill and their guests enjoyed the amazingly talented Ricardo Dioso and Andrea Walls, who took time to rehearse the bride's two requested songs (And I Love Her & Gabriel's Oboe).

Sandra provided the cutest personalized toasting flutes and napkins for everyone, which were filled with sparkling cider for their toast.  Guests also received an additional favor of candles and personalized matches.

Such a sweet couple and very friendly guests to make the celebration even more special! We received constant words of appreciation...
"I really cannot believe how easy you are making this for me. I am so grateful for all that you are doing. I know this is your job and all, but I have been struggling with this for the last 2 weeks and not knowing the area has been so frustrating. Thank you SO much."

Sandra and Bill, it was OUR pleasure!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hawaiian Wedding Phrases

Impress your family and friends with Hawaiian phrases on your invitations, thank you cards, announcements, save-the-dates, OOT bags, welcome letters, and more! Below are some Hawaiian words and phrases to incorporate into your wedding...

All my love: Aloha Nui Loa

An expression of love for a favorite: Pa'ipunahele

And with love is a kiss: Ka Honi Mai Me Ke Aloha

Attendance: Ma’ane’i

Be one in love: I Ho'okahi Kahi Ke Aloha

Beloved: Ke Aloha

Bride: Wahine male hou

Bring: Lawe mai

Celebration: Ho`olaule`a

Come celebrate: Hele mei hoohiwahiwa

Come to me: E Kipa Mai

Come to our wedding: Hele Mai 'Oe I Ko Maua Male 'Ana

Date/Time: Manawa

Deep love: Kipona Aloha

Directions: 'Ao'ao

For Eternity: No Kau a Kau

For love is here and now: Ma'ane'i No Ke Aloha

Forever: Mau Loa

From this day, from this night, forever more: No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa

Good Luck: Pomaika`i

Groom: kahu lio

Here I am, here you are: Eia Au, Eia 'Oe

I am my beloveds' and my beloved is mine: O Wau Me Oe Kealoha A O Oe Kealoha Me Ia'a

I desire you: Nou No Ka `I`ini

I give my love to you, you give your love to me : Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No

I Love You : Aloha Au Ia 'Oe

I pledge my love to you alone: Ka`u Ia E Lei A`e Nei La

I Truly Love You : Aloha No Au Ia 'Oe

Invitation: Palapala kono

Invited: Kono

Just for you : Nau wale no

Let us fall in love all over again : Ho'i Hou Ke Aloha

Let us fall in love all over again: Ho'i Hou Ke Aloha

Love gives life within.: Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha

Love is paradise: O Ke Aloha Ka 'Iu

Love is worn like a wreath through the summers and winters; love is everlasting: E Lei Kau, E Lei Ho'oilo I Ke Aloha

Loved one: Mea Aloha

Married man: Kane male

Married woman : wahine male

May our love last forever : E Hoomau Maua Kealoha

May there be love between us (said to more than one person): Aloha Kakou

May there be love between us (said to one person): Aloha Kaua

May we create a home that surrounds our family and friends with warmth, laughter and love: E Hookumu Maua Ka Hale Puni Maua Ohana Me Ka Pumehana A Me Ka Oiloli Kealoha

My beloved : Ku`u Lei

My Love : E Ku'u Aloha

My love is yours: Nau ko`u aloha

Our love begins the union of our life together : Ho'okahi Makamaka O Ko Aloha

Our Wedding Day: Ko maua la male 'ana

Pastor : kahuna pule

Place: Kauwahi

Please join us: Ho'olu komo la kaua

Priest: kahuna

Reply/answer: Hua loa’a

Sweetheart you are so precious : Ko Aloha Makamae E Ipo

Sweetheart: Ku`uipo

Thank you for celebrating with us: Mahalo nui loa na ho'olaule'a me la kaua

Thanks be to God for this day: Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La

To be in a bond of love: Pilialoha

To my love: Ia Iho Ke Aloha

To secretly love: Hokeo

Warm love, affection: Aloha Pumehana

We two will cling to love in marriage: Male Ana E Pili Mai Aloha Kaua

Wedding : Male 'ana

Wedding feast: 'Aha'aina male

Wedding: Male 'ana

With love: Me Ke Aloha

With the warmth of my love: Me Ke Aloha Pumehana

You are indeed my love: 'O Ku'u Aloha No 'Oe

You two are now one, the darkness is past: Pili Olua E, Moku Ka Pawa O Ke Ao

You're mine: Na'u `oe

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photographers and Beach Shots

photo by Joe D'Alessandro Photography

I love when wedding photographers take time with the couple alone on the beach and just capture them having time together. Weddings are about the couple (even if some people forget that) and their romance & love for each other. These emotions are best captured by experienced professional photographers who love what they do and love weddings. Below are some great shots of our wedding couples on the beach and the names of the photographers who shot them.

photo by Douglas Hoffman Maui Photography

photo by Kai Photography

photo by Glen Dohie

photo by Dave Miyamoto & Co. Photography

photo by Cassie Pali

photo by Martin Wyand Photography

photo by Wilber Bergado Photography

photo by Philip Pasag Photography

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Many couples fret over their wedding theme, but it does not need to be challenge. Think about your favorite colors, places, hobbies, season, holiday, type of food (Italian, Chinese, Polynesian, etc.)...make a list. There are many ways to incorporate the elements of your wedding into your theme...just think about what is meaningful to you both.
photo by Wilber Bergado

For example, are you wine lovers? Then, do colors of purples and earth tones. Create a vineyard or Tuscan setting for your wedding. Wedding favors can be wine corks, wine openers, a personalized bottle of wine, personalized wine glasses that they use during the reception, etc. Name tables after your favorite vintages, vineyards, wineries, wine locations, etc.

Many Hawaii bound couples choose a beach theme or island theme for their weddings. However, not every beach theme wedding looks the same. There are many unique and elegant ways to incorporate the island or beach theme into your wedding that represents YOUR vision and what YOU like about the beach.
photo by Arna Johnson

Are you musicians or music lovers? Perhaps a music theme will work for you. Use musical note place cards. Make a CD of your favorite or original music for your guests' favors. Incorporate musical note pins into the ring pillow and flower girl basket. Your printed items can be on plain staff paper or sheet music.

When selecting a theme for your wedding, keep in mind this is a wedding and not a birthday party. The theme should be centered around what defines you as a couple and focus a bit more on the bride than the groom. So, where you might choose an 80's theme for a party, it is not something we recommend for a wedding.

Below is a list of themes that you may want to consider for your wedding.

A Greek Wedding

A Little Romance
A Midsummer's Night Dream
A Platinum Wedding
A Victorian Wedding
All That Jazz
An Organic Wedding
Arabian Nights
Around the World/Travel
Bling and Glitz
Chabby Chic
Color Palettes (choose a color theme instead of a concept)
Country Charm
Country Western
Deck the Halls
Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Eye Candy (concentrate on sweets)
Fantasy Island
Garden Party
Hollywood Glamour
Love and Marriage
Lucky In Love
Mardi Gras
Mexican Fiesta
Monogram Wedding Theme
My Fairytale Wedding
My Funny Valentine
Romeo and Juliet
Something Blue
Spring Blossoms
The Perfect Pear (everything is pears for the pair)
Tiffany Blue
Turtle (Honu)
Two Tickets to Paradise
Under the Sea
Winter Wonderland

Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Prepare, Write and Present the Perfect Wedding Toast

photos by Wilber Bergado Photography

Who gives a toast at the wedding? Typically the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, the groom to the bride, and the bride to the groom. If you have been asked to present a toast to the couple on their very special day, chances are that you will also be videotaped...your words will last a lifetime! We discourage impromptu speeches...nerves, alcohol, etc. can affect your frame of mind at the time. Please take some time to prepare a meaningful toast to and about the couple. Here are some links to make this task stress-free...