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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photoshop Helps To Communicate Ideas

When meeting with my couple about their visions of what they want for flowers and cake, I found that Photoshop was really helpful in communicating their exact ideas using Photoshop. I adjusted the photo with comments to specify what changes they want to their photo of their selection and shared it with them for clarification and to the professionals for the order. It works out great!

I also used Photoshop to work out a visual floor plan. It worked out better than just a sketch. This way the couple was able to visualize exactly where things were to be set up and how. Again, worked great!


  1. Aloha Tori,

    This is a great idea! It helps your brides get a visual of what their "look" will be without having to fly out to Hawaii to see it in person. Awesome!

    A similar idea that I got from Dianna Shitanishi would be to use Facebook. Place the pictures in an open directory (so your client can look at it without joining Facebook if they don't want to). Use the tag feature to tag the areas that you want highlighted (like in your picture of the cake), and then use the caption feature to write about details you wish to communicate with your bride. I've tried this method myself, and my clients love it!

    One more thing: is the location in the pictures the grand house at the end of Paiko Drive in Hawaii Kai? It looks like it.

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