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Friday, November 6, 2009


Couples are breaking away from the traditional first dance and getting quite creative with their first dances. Forget the box step and waltz! Now it's dance steps that leave an impression and become conversation topics at your day-after brunch! Brides and Grooms are creating routines that are as entertaining as the ones on Dancing With the Stars! Tango, salsa , flamenco, hula, lap, break-dancing, swing, and fancy routines are appearing on the dance floors, even from the couples with two left feet!  Remember the "awwww" moment and laughter experienced when watching the first dance on Everybody Loves Raymond? Maybe have your bridal party share in the first dance and recreate the Grease moment of "Summer Lovin" or "You're the One That I Want."

Some ideas to learn your first dance:
1) Rent a dance lesson video and learn some moves for your own dance.
2) Pick a great video on VH1 or MTV and record it. Study the choreography and perform it at your wedding. (i.e. Michael Jackson's Thriller dance).
3) Since our weddings take place in Hawaii, I have provided hula dance lesson DVD's to brides who decide to do a special hula for their grooms. They even change into hula wear!
4) Take lessons from a dance instructor for ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, tap dancing, etc.
5) Select a dance routine from a movie to learn (i.e. Dirty Dancing).
6) If you are going to do a special kind of dance, then dress the part.  Be sure to leave time for your costume change!

Another tradition that is changing is having other guests join in half-way through the song. If your dance is not creative, perhaps you don't want to be the center of attention for 3 to 5 minutes. So, get those romantic dance moments in, then have your guests join in and share the moment with you.

Some of our couples have incorporated their cultural traditions into their first dance. So, halfway through the first dance, they may begin such dances. Cultural dance traditions include the Money Dance, the sequidillas manchega,

If you want some ideas from actual weddings, Youtube is a great resource. Here are some links:

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