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Thursday, November 5, 2009


One of the most popular trends for weddings is the candy station or candy buffet. When displayed elegantly, this can be a wonderful way to add fun and color to your wedding. And, it works as a great guest favor and/or nosh for your guests throughout the event. Guests LOVE this sweet treat! 

Some couples select candies that match their color themes. Other couples select popular or favorite candies.
The candies should be displayed in a variety of glass jar styles. Scoops and tongs should be provided for jars of candy that require them.
Be sure to provide the proper size bags or boxes for the guests' candy storage. Chinese takeout boxes are a fun package for these “to go” treats.
With weight limitations from the airlines making it difficult to bring candies over from the mainland, it means spending vacation time to search for the appropriate items. We can take that pressure off of you and put together the station for you. It is not necessary to have such an inconvenient burden when you can easily have us eliminate the hassle and do this for you.

We have a variety of containers and scoops for your candies. Just provide a budget or color theme, and we will purchase the candies for you. We will then set up the candy station or buffet and label every candy so that guests can choose appropriately. The cost for this starts at $300 for a party of 30 guests. That includes our purchase of the candies, use of our glassware for their display, the bags or Chinese takeout containers for the guests to use to store their candy selections, and the actual display of the candy station. Please let us know if you are interested in this service.

The timing of the candy display can be during the entire event, at dessert time, for an after party late night snack, or towards the end of the event to be taken with the guest. 

Sometimes couples want to DIY their candy buffet, so here are some suggestions: 

1) Choose a theme. Not all couples want a theme or rules for their candy buffet. An example of a theme would be "At the beach" where you can use shovels and buckets for the candy service, and choose the types of treats you might find at stores along the beach boardwalk or pier. Your wedding might take place on Valentine's Day, where you may want to have love notes and candy hearts all over. You may just want candy in colors that match the colors of your wedding, like "Winter Wonderland" where you might do everything in white and silver. However, if you do want a theme, then it is good to consider these options:
Colors of candy to use
Colors of serving containers
Treats that have meaning to you, your guests, or your wedding theme
Design of labels for the containers
Design of the actual table where the candy will be served
Blue and White...

Winter White Wedding

Sweet Dreams...
Martini Theme...

For the last name of MOSS or a garden theme wedding, use moss on the table...

An Irish Wedding


A Fall Wedding 

2) Gather candy containers. These can be urns, vases, bowls, etc. Choose glass containers with thick sides and wide mouths so that they don't break when guests access the candy. Use a variety of shapes and sizes. You may want to use colored containers, but clear glass ones are better to view the candy. Some affordable places to find the containers are Marshalls, Ross, Pier 1, Michael's, JoAnn's, Home Goods, Target, Walmart, K-mart, TJ Max, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Restoration Hardware, Tuesday Morning, antique stores, restaurant supply stores, container stores, etc. You get the idea. You can also get them on line... ie.

3) Gather supplies: scoops for candy, mini clear cello or colored paper candy bags, twist ties, or mini take-out boxes.  Be sure to get bags that are not too small. The bags will need to be secured with a twist-tie, so there will need to be room at the top for that. Here are some links to some web sites where you can purchase these items.

4) Choose your candy. Candy within a color scheme looks best, but it is not a must. It is best to purchase the candy in bulk, and there is a plethora of web sites offering deals on candy purchases. Get does not have to be candy only; you can add popcorn, pretzels, etc. Try to avoid chocolates for outside weddings, as they will melt very quickly. Be sure to get an assortment of treats for the table, about 10 types is an average amount. The photos below display a good assortment of treats. 

5) Make labels to describe your candies. These will need to be attached in some way to your container so that your guests can easily identify the treats. If your vessels have lids, keep in mind that these won't stay on while people are scooping candy, so do not tape or tie the labels to the lids.  If the labels are not secured to the container, then use table tents to set in front of each vessel (make sure they are not easily moved around, as that will create confusion). You can get very creative with how you label and decorate your candy container. Here are some photos of labeled candy containers.

6) Choose your table size and shape. A shallow table is best so that the treats are easily arranged and accessible. Round tables are great because guests can walk around them. You can set up a long table the same way. If you use a long table against a wall, you may want to use the crates idea.  You can change the heights of the containers by using a caterer's trick...use milk crates, place them upside down on the table, wrap them in fabric, and bunch fabric around them to create texture.

When selecting your table, keep in mind how you want to arrange the containers. You also want to consider what decor you will place on the table and where it will go. Some people arrange the containers so the tallest are in the center of your display. You have two goals: (1) Appearance and (2) Accessibility.  Just be sure you don't place too many containers on one table. It will be better to use two rounds or one long table versus overcrowding the one table, or vary the heights of the containers (using the crate idea).

Here is an example of an overcrowded table:

Here is an example of a table that is too sparse and needs more containers...

Here are some tables that are just right...

7) When setting up your table, set your scoops and grabbers next to or inside the filled candy containers so multiple guests may simultaneously fill their treat bags/cartons. Either set out your bags/ties or boxes one location or at opposite sides of your table. The last thing you want at your candy table is a line!  

8) You may want to name your candy buffet to personalize it. Here are some suggestions.
Joerg and Sherita's Sugar Shack (or, just THE SUGAR SHACK)
How Sweet It Is!
It's a Sweet Life!
Share in our Sweetness
Love is Sweet
"Love me tender, love me sweet"
Candy Corner

Sweet Treats
___ & ____'s  Sweet Shoppe
Sweet Beginnings
___ & ____'s Candyland
The Sugar Station

Sugar Rush
"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You"


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