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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to select your wedding location



photo by Stefanie Riedel of Absolutely Loved
If you could paint a photo of your wedding, what would it look like? Would it be outside in a garden setting with plentiful amounts of candles and flowers? Would it be on an oceanfront lawn echoing the sounds and swaying of the tall palms? How many guests will celebrate with you? Will they dress in casual wear, resort wear, Aloha wear, formal wear, or black tie? The possibilities for a location seem almost endless. The basics to consider are: indoors or outdoors (it's advisable to have an indoor backup location for outdoor weddings or use a tent), church, chapel, temple, tropical garden, gazebo, waterfall site, private estate, public beach, public park, resort/hotel, restaurant grounds, or a boat. When making your decision, definitely think about the weather conditions for your desired island, and find out what location can accommodate the size of your wedding. Other things to consider are site fees, travel fees that professionals may charge, amount of floral decoration, and accessibility. It is best to figure out where on the island you want to stay, then select a wedding location that is near your accommodations. For example, if you want to get married on Maui, and you want to stay at a resort in Wailea, it is not in your best interest to plan a wedding in Lahaina. They are approximately 1 hour apart, and anything can happen on the highway to prohibit access or delay access to your wedding site. If you want to have a reception with music and dancing, make sure your wedding location permits that. Many locations have noise restrictions, so it is wise to make sure what the rules are before making your decision. If you decide to rent a private home for your event, keep in mind that you will be responsible for the payment/rental of tables, chairs, linens, glassware, flatware, dishes, servers, a caterer, etc. If you decide to use a hotel or restaurant as your event location, keep in mind that most do not permit outside food or beverages, meaning you cannot bring in your own food, drinks, or wedding cake. By talking to one of our wedding consultants, you can be properly guided towards choosing the best location for your wedding.


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