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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
What is in the bride's emergency kit? We discovered this very comprehensive list at and we added items we felt were also necessary:

antihistamine, cold remedy, any prescription medications (including inhaler)
aspirin, Tylenol, or Advil
hard candy (better than medicinal scent of cough-drops)
Pepto-Bismol or other antacid/upset stomach aid
smelling salts
tampons, pads

contact lens solution and eyedrops
dusting powder for before pictures are taken
hand lotion, wipes-wipes
baby powder (also works great for spills on your white dress--just dab with water and then baby powder)
makeup remover for face and for clothes
lint remover (someone said it even takes makeup off of tuxes!)
makeup kit with extras for 'maids with different coloring/complexions
nail polish in shade worn, & remover
nail file
small hand towel (put them around the neck when doing makeup to avoid stains)
items for hair: hairdryer (not just for hair, also dries dresses from stain removal) gel, hairspray (good for runs in hose too), brush, water mister, barrettes and/or bobby pins, curling iron, flatiron
toothbrush and toothpaste

'throw-away' garter
clear nail polish for runs in hose
earring backs
emergency buttons
flat shoes or ballet slippers (if necessary)
iron and/or steamer
pantyhose (extras in case anything happened)
safety pins and a sewing kit with thread the color of bridesmaids' dresses, as well as white
masking tape or sewing tape (last-minute ripped hems)
small sewing kit, thread for all dresses of wedding party
small scissors (for thread)

directions to reception - extra copies
phone numbers of all service providers and emergency contacts
small flashlight
spare hat pins (in case florist forgets them for corsages)
spare change for phone
cooler with juice and sodas (include club soda for stain removal)
oranges, crackers
duct tape (works on falling hems, broken bouquet handles, wobbly unity candles)
champagne & water - and glasses
a list of outstanding to-do's that can be turned over to someone else. (e.g. call ahead to the reception site to tell them that we are on our way; pay clergy and organist; etc.)

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