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Thursday, October 1, 2009


What a beautiful day it was at Sherwoods Beach! Our couple decided to elope from Northern Island. They loved every minute of their wedding, including the limousine service from Ali Limo, the flowers from Emi's Flowers, Kahu Dave Vega's wonderful ceremony, Tori's beach recommendation, Tori's set up of the ceremony, their photographer Elizabeth Morgan, the harpist Sharene Lum, videography by Act One Video, wedding coordination by Hawaiian Island Wedding Planners, and dinner at the Beach House @ the Moana Westin. Enjoy some of my amateur photos that I was able to take without interfering with the two photographers.
Kahu Dave leads the bride in with conch shell and chanting...

The groom gets some bouquet time...

Bride's entrance, escorted  by mother of the  bride...

The ceremony

A happy bride and groom!



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