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Friday, October 2, 2009


photo from Pacific Party Rentals

When selecting your tent for your wedding, consider more than just the price. The guest count, food service, dance floor, location size, bar area, lounge area, guest dining, wedding style, and weather are all factors to consider.  

According to one online source, "When ordering a tent, you will need to know how large a size you will need for your event. For a small group of 25 people, you will want a smaller structure with a more intimate feel, while larger groups will require much larger accommodations. When in doubt between tent sizes, the experts recommend going with the larger option to ensure your guests won’t feel crowded. Some things to remember include that you will need about two feet around the entire outside of your tent. In addition, not only will you need to fit your guests, but you will also need to add in room for the bar, cake table, band or DJ, buffet tables and dance bar. One tent company says that the average size tent for a wedding is 2400 square feet. Further, here is a “rule of thumb” that some companies offer for couples to help determine what they will need for their event:

For the ceremony, assume you need about 6 square feet per person.

For dinner, you need between 8 to 12 square feet for each guest (figure on the lower end for rectangular tables and the higher end for round).

For the dance floor, 2 square feet per person (but remember they won’t all be dancing at the same time).

Serving tables for a buffet need about 100 square feet, while the DJ can take up 200 square feet."

Here are some helpful links to select the appropriate tent and size for your wedding.


  1. Awesome tips and links, Tori!

    One other thing to consider is the cost of secondary tents to cover the prep and service areas for the catering, where they house the food in warmers/prepare the food in a mobile kitchen, and plate the food when its time to be served. Most caterers I've worked with will not want to set up the service area under the main tent, as it usually detracts from the "look" of the presentation, so you may want to leave space in your overall floorplan/design of the area to include that. Check with your caterer to see how much space they will need for the prep/service area, as each caterer is different.

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